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Recipes > Soups

The Gourmet Kitchen has compiled a recipe library containing over 40,000 dishes. From Soups to Holiday dinners, our recipe section makes it easy to see the ingredients needed and the steps required to produce almost any dish. We are always seeking feedback on existing recipes and ideas for new ones, so please send comments and suugesstions to us at Enjoy!

Check "simply Chowder" Soup For A Crowd
Check "smoky" Pumpkin Soup
Check "the Postman" Italian Fish Soup
Check 10 Minute Shrimp Soup
Check Acorn Squash Soup W/corned Beef & Walnuts
Check Aduki And Squash Soup
Check Aka Miso(summer Miso Soup)
Check Albondegas
Check All American Clam Chowder (bush Family Favorite)
Check Almond Dumplings(for Soup)
Check American Split Pea Soup
Check Amish Sauerkraut Soup
Check Andalusian Gazpacho
Check Anderson's Split Pea Soup
Check Anissab (pea Soup, Cree Style)
Check Ann's Seafood Chowder
Check Ann's Seafood Chowder (halifax Version)
Check Apple & Celery Soup
Check Apple Beet Borscht
Check Apple Raisin Soup
Check Apricot & Cucumber Soup
Check Armenian Lentil Soup
Check Artichoke Bisque
Check Asparagus Crab Soup (sup Mang Tay Cua)
Check Asparagus Soup
Check Asparagus Soup
Check Aunt Bee's Lentil Soup
Check Authentic Maryland Crab Soup
Check Authentic New England Fish Chowder
Check Avocado Cilantro Soup
Check Avocado Vichyssoise
Check Bacon Soup Cawl Cig Moch
Check Baked Fish Chowder
Check Barbara Bush's All American Clam Chowder
Check Barley Buttermilk Soup
Check Barley Mushroom Soup (vegan)
Check Barley Mushroom Soup(vegan)
Check Basic Chowder
Check Basic Cream Soup
Check Basic Gazpacho
Check Basic Miso Soup
Check Basic Red Gazpacho
Check Bay Country Crab Soup
Check Becsinalt Fogolyleves(quail Soup)
Check Beef And Vegetable Soup
Check Beef And Vegetable Soup#1
Check Beef Soup
Check Beef Soup With Lemon Grass (canh Thit Xao Sa)
Check Beef Soup With Lemon Grass(canh Thit Xao Sa)
Check Beef Soup With Liver Balls[dumplings]
Check Beef Vegetable Soup
Check Beef'n' Barley Vegetable Soup
Check Beer Soup
Check Beet Soup
Check Beets, Beet Greens And Sweet Potato Soup (pressure Cooked)
Check Benne Oyster Soup
Check Bermuda Fish Chowder
Check Bermuda Fish Chowder (the Reefs, Southamton, Bermuda)
Check Bermuda Fish Chowder 2(the Reefs, Southamton, Bermuda)
Check Berry Buttermilk Soup
Check Best: Curried Zucchini Soup
Check Bill's Favorite Mushroom Soup
Check Birnensuppe(pear Soup)
Check Bisque De Cribiches(freshwater Crayfish Bisq
Check Black Bean Chili Chowder
Check Blender Broccoli Soup
Check Bloody Mary Party Soup
Check Blt Corn Chowder
Check Blueberry Buttermilk Soup
Check Bob's Burger Soup
Check Bobbie's Gazpacho
Check Bogracs Gulyas(kettle Goulash)
Check Borscht
Check Borscht 3
Check Borscht Energy Soup
Check Borscht(beet Soup)
Check Borscht(pressure Cooked)
Check Boston Chowder
Check Bouillabaisse #3
Check Bouillabaisse#3
Check Bouillon
Check Brittany Mixed Fish Soup
Check Broccoli Beer Cheese Soup
Check Broccoli Corn Chowder(pressure Cooked)
Check Broccoli Crevette Soup
Check Broccoli Soup No. 2
Check Brown Vegetable Stock
Check Butterfly Soup
Check Butternut Squash And Prawn Soup
Check Butternut Squash Chowder
Check Cabbage & Dumpling Soup
Check Cabbage Chowder
Check Cabbage Soup
Check Cabbage Soup
Check Calabaza Soup
Check Callaloo Soup
Check Canadian Pea Soup
Check Canadian Yellow Split Pea Soup
Check Cantaloupe Soup
Check Cantaloupe Soup(sopa De Melon Escribe)
Check Cape Cod Clam Chowder
Check Cape Cod Fish Chowder
Check Cape Cod Fish Chowder 2
Check Cape May Clam Chowder
Check Caramel Mountain Ranch Cold Strawberry Soup
Check Caribou Soup
Check Carrot & Ginger Soup
Check Carrot & Zucchini Vichyssoise
Check Carrot And Acorn Squash Soup
Check Carrot And Acorn Squash Soup(home Version)
Check Carrot And Apple Soup With Marjoran
Check Carrot And Ginger Soup
Check Carrot And Zucchini Vichyssoise
Check Carrot Leek Bisque
Check Carrot Peanut Soup (lacto Vegetarian)
Check Carrot Soup With North African Spices
Check Carrot Soup(from My Garden)
Check Carrot Tofu Soup With Dill
Check Carrot, Orange & Cilantro Soup
Check Castilian Style Garlic Soup
Check Catfish Chowder
Check Cathe's Clam Chowder
Check Cathe's Potato Soup
Check Cauliflower & Ginger Soup
Check Cauliflower Soup(from My Garden)
Check Cawl Cennin A Hufen (leek Soup, Creamed) Welsh
Check Celery & Apricot Soup
Check Celery Potato Soup
Check Cheeco Lodge(florida Keys) White Gazpacho
Check Cheese Potato Soup
Check Chesapeake Oyster Bisque
Check Chestnut And Lentil Soup
Check Chestnut Broth With Soft Spices
Check Chestnut Soup With Amaretto
Check Chez Melange Gazpacho
Check Chick Pea And Spinach Soup
Check Chickpea Soup
Check Chickpea Soup Hasa Al Hummus
Check Chickpea Soup Hasa Al Hummus
Check Chili Tomato Soup
Check Chill Lee's 4 K Chili
Check Chilled Avocado Soup
Check Chilled Cantaloupe Soup
Check Chilled Cucumber And Bell Pepper Soup
Check Chilled Cucumber Parsley Soup
Check Chilled Ehu & Molokai Sweet Potato Soup
Check Chilled Ehu& Molokai Sweet Potato Soup
Check Chilled Fruit Soup
Check Chilled Green Pea Soup
Check Chilled Leek And Potato Soup
Check Chilled Minted Cantaloupe Soup
Check Chilled Minted Melon Soup
Check Chilled Raspberry Soup
Check Chilled Sonoma Tomato Vegetable Soup
Check Chilled Spinach Yogurt Soup
Check Chilled Strawberry Soup
Check Chilled Strawberry Soup #1
Check Chilled Tomato Soup With Shredded Cabbage(madison)
Check Chilled Watercress Bisque
Check Chilly Tomato Bisque Soup
Check Chinese Pigs' Tail And Peanut Soup
Check Chinese Vegetable Soup
Check Chinese Vegetable Stock
Check Chinese Winter Soup
Check Christmas Oyster Soup (soupe Aux Huitres De Noel)
Check Chunky Gazpacho
Check Citrus Berry Soup (weight Watchers Magazine)
Check Citrus Soup Frappe
Check Citrus Soup Frappe
Check Clam & Corn Chowder
Check Clam And Corn Chowder
Check Clam Chowder From A New England Famous Rest
Check Clam Chowder From A New England Famous Restaurant
Check Clam Chowder From A New England Famous Restaurant
Check Clam Chowder Maine Style
Check Clam Chowder New England Home Style
Check Clam Chowder, Maine Style
Check Clam Chowder, Manhattan Style
Check Clam Chowder, New England Style
Check Clam Chowder, New England Style
Check Coconut Pecan Frosting
Check Cod Chowder
Check Cod Chowder
Check Cold Buttermilk Soup
Check Cold Cherry Soup
Check Cold Cherry Soup #1
Check Cold Cherry Soup#2
Check Cold Gaspacho
Check Cold Melon Soup
Check Cold Minted Pea Soup
Check Cold Peach Strawberry Soup
Check Cold Plum Soup
Check Cold Strawberry Soup
Check Cold Yogurt Gazpacho
Check Conch Chowder
Check Consomme De Mer
Check Consuelo's Albondigas
Check Cool Cherry Soup
Check Cool Cucumber Soup
Check Cool Late Summer Borscht
Check Cool Strawberry Soup
Check Corn & Potato Chowder
Check Corn & Tomatillo Soup
Check Corn And Ham Chowder
Check Corn And Tomato Broth
Check Corn Chowder #1
Check Corn Chowder #2
Check Corn Chowder (lacto)
Check Corn Chowder Daley
Check Corn Chowder For 2
Check Corn Chowder(prodigy)
Check Corn Flower Soup
Check Corn Soup
Check Corn, Coconut And Fennel Chowder
Check Corn, Tomato & Summer Squash Soup
Check Corned Beef And Cabbage Soup
Check Country Corn Chowder
Check Crab & Asparagus Soup (queensland)
Check Crab And Asparagus Soup (queensland)
Check Crab And Corn Chowder
Check Crab Asparagus Soup (queensland)
Check Crab Soup With Sherry
Check Crawfish And Corn Soup
Check Cream Consomme
Check Cream Of Asparagus
Check Cream Of Broccoli Soup #2
Check Cream Of Broccoli Soup(robbins)
Check Cream Of Carrot Soup
Check Cream Of Celery Soup
Check Cream Of Corn Potato Soup
Check Cream Of Fresh Greens Soup
Check Cream Of Mushroom Soup (ww 1970)
Check Cream Of Mussel Soup (irish)
Check Cream Of Pea Soup
Check Cream Of Pecan Soup
Check Cream Of Potato Soup (instant)
Check Cream Of Salsify And Mushroom Soup
Check Cream Of Shrimp Soup
Check Cream Of Tomato Soup
Check Creamed Carrot Soup
Check Creamy Artichoke And Oyster Soup
Check Creamy Baked Potato Soup
Check Creamy Broccoli Soup(lane)
Check Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Check Creamy Cabbage Soup
Check Creamy Carrot Soup
Check Creamy Fruit Soup
Check Creamy Leek Soup
Check Creamy Mushroom Soup
Check Creamy Pumpkin Soup
Check Creamy Spinach Soup
Check Creamy Squash, Apple, & Corn Bisque
Check Creamy Squash, Apple, And Corn Bisque
Check Creamy Sweet Potato Soup (lacto)
Check Creamy Sweet Potato Soup(lacto)
Check Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
Check Creamy Tomato Soup
Check Creamy Turkey Veggie Soup
Check Creamy Vegetable Tahini Soup
Check Creamy Zucchini Soup
Check Creole Garlic Soup
Check Cucumber And Potato Soup
Check Cucumber Yogurt Soup With Fresh Mint
Check Curried Coconut Soup
Check Curried Cucumber And Tomato Soup
Check Curried Diced Apple
Check Curried Leek & Potato Soup
Check Curried Lentil & Carrot Soup
Check Curried Red Lentil Soup
Check Curried Spinach & Chick Pea Soup
Check Curried Vegetable Soup(vegan)
Check Cutlass Potato Soup
Check Dandelion Soup (kitchen Witch's Cookbook)
Check Danish Pea Soup With Pork
Check Daragaluska(farina Balls)
Check Dave's Deluxe Gift Corn Chowder
Check Dill Pickle Soup
Check Divine Corn Chowder
Check Do It Yourself Soused Peach Soup
Check Dragon Den's Hot & Sour Soup
Check Dried Tomato Soup
Check Drunken Crab Bisque
Check Duke's Clam Chowder
Check Dutch Green Split Pea Soup
Check Dutch Pea Soup
Check Easy Berry & Wine Soup
Check Easy Cioppino
Check Easy Miso Soup With Vegetables And Tofu
Check Easy Potato Soup
Check Easy Potato Soup..magazine
Check Egg Balls For Soup
Check Egg Drop Soup #4
Check Egg Drop Soup #6
Check Eggplant Miso Soup
Check Fakes Xithati ( Sour Lentil Soup)
Check Faki (hellenic Lentil Soup)
Check Fish And Cheese Chowder
Check Fish Chowder
Check Fish Chowder
Check Fish Soup #1
Check Fish Soup With Fennel
Check Fish Soup(kakavia)
Check Florida Bouillabaisse
Check Fresh Corn Bisque With Green Onions
Check Fresh Fruit Soup
Check Fresh Green Chile Soup With Tumbleweed Greens
Check Fresh Mushroom Bisque
Check Fresh Mushroom Soup
Check Fresh Pea Soup (irish)
Check Fresh Vegetable Basil Soup
Check Frugal Gourmet's Clam And Corn Chowder
Check Fruit Fantasy Soup
Check Fruit Soup
Check Fruit Soup #2
Check Garlic Broccoli Soup
Check Garlic Gazpacho
Check Garlic Soup With Shiitake Mushrooms
Check Garlic Soup(veg Times)
Check Gazpacho
Check Gazpacho
Check Gazpacho # 2
Check Gazpacho Blond
Check Gazpacho De Los Angeles
Check Gazpacho Ice With Cucumbers
Check Gazpacho Soup
Check Gazpacho Soup 2
Check Gazpacho Soup(vegan)
Check Gazpacho Verde
Check Gazpacho Z
Check Gazpacho(cook)
Check Gazpacho(moosewood)
Check Gazpacho(trappler)
Check German Lentil Soup With Frankfurters
Check German Potato Soup
Check Ginger Carrot Soup
Check Gingered Carrot Soup
Check Gingered Vegetable Soup
Check Golden Split Pea And Sweet Potato Soup
Check Gorton's New England Clam Chowder
Check Grandma Sofie's Split Pea Soup With French Bread Croutons
Check Grandma's Prune Soup
Check Grape Harvester's Soup
Check Great-grandmother Lillie's Turnip Soup
Check Greek Garbanzo & Chick-pea Soup
Check Greek Revithia Soupa (chick Pea Soup)
Check Green Lentil Soup
Check Green Mountain Potato Chowder
Check Green Pea Soup
Check Green Split Pea Soup
Check Green Tomato Soup
Check Green Tomato Soup With Garlic,ginger, & Cumin
Check Greenbirar Peach Soup
Check Grunkohlsuppe (kale & Potato Soup)
Check Grunkohlsuppe (kale And Potato Soup)
Check Grunkohlsuppe(kale And Potato Soup)
Check Gulaschsuppe (goulash Soup)
Check Gulaschsuppe(goulash Soup)
Check Gulyasleves
Check Gulyassuppe
Check Gumbo
Check Gurken Und Kartoffelsuppe (cucumber And Potato
Check Gurken Und Kartoffelsuppe (cucumber And Potato Soup)
Check Habitant Pea Soup
Check Habitant Pea Soup(quebec Pea Soup)
Check Ham & Hominy Chowder
Check Ham And Bean Soup With Vegetables
Check Ham And Corn Chowder
Check Ham And Potato Chowder
Check Ham Steak Cabbage Soup
Check Hamburger Chowder
Check Hamburger Dump Soup
Check Hammelsuppe(mutton Soup)
Check Harvest Pea Soup With Fennel
Check Heartland Corn Chowder
Check Hearts Of Palm And Leek Soup
Check Hearty Potato And Vegetable Soup
Check Hearty Potato Soup
Check Hearty Split Pea Soup
Check Hearty Vegetable Broth
Check Hideg Cseresnyeleves(spiced Cherry Soup)
Check Holiday Sweet Potato Soup
Check Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Check Homemade Tomato Soup
Check Homemade Tomato Soup
Check Hortosoupa(vegetable Soup)
Check Hot & Sour Mushroom Soup (tom Yam Het)
Check Hot & Sour Soup 1
Check Hot & Sour Soup 2
Check Hot And Sour Mandarin Soup
Check Hot And Sour Mushroom Soup (tom Yam Het)
Check Hot And Sour Shrimp Soup (tom Yam Goong)
Check Hot And Sour Shrimp Soup (tom Yam Goong)
Check Hot And Sour Soup With Chayote, Shrimp, And M
Check Hot Chili Beef And Onion Soup (yukkai Jang K)
Check Hot Chili Beef And Onion Soup (yukkai Jang K2)
Check Hot Orange Soup With Wafers
Check Hubbard Squash Soup
Check Hungarian Goulash Soup
Check Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Check Hungarian Soup
Check Hutchinson Beef Borscht
Check Iced Cucumber Soup
Check Iced Strawberry Soup
Check Ignacio Blanco's Roasted Vegetable Gazpacho
Check Instant Irish Cream Of Potato Soup
Check Irish Cream Of Mussel Soup
Check Italian Tomato Bisque
Check Jamie's French Restaurant's Cold Avocado Soup A La Sylvia
Check Jellied Beef Broth
Check Jellied Consomme
Check Jellied Fruit Soup
Check Jus Senatus
Check Kaernemaelkskoldskaal(cold Buttermilk Soup)
Check Kale & Potato Soup
Check Kale & Potato Soup (prodigy)
Check Kale And Potato Soup
Check Kapusniak Ze Swiezej Kapusty(cabbage Soup)
Check Kartoffelsuppe (potato Soup)
Check Kartoffelsuppe(potato Soup)
Check Kettle River Gazpacho
Check Key West Conch Chowder
Check Kielbasa Bean Soup
Check Kinigawissin(assiniwi's Vegetable Soup)
Check Kiros Kai Faki
Check Kitchi Jigagamanj Nabo (shallot Soup)
Check Kloesschensuppe/ Little Dumpling Soup (oberl
Check Kvasivska Selianska(village Soup)
Check L.j's Curried Clam Soup
Check La Madeleine's Tomato Basil Soup
Check Late Summer Soup
Check Leek & Baked Potatoe Vichyssoise W/ Red Cavia
Check Leek & Baked Potatoe Vichyssoise W/ Red Caviar
Check Leek & Tomato Soup
Check Lemon Bisque
Check Lemony Leek & Mushroom Soup
Check Lemony Split Pea Soup
Check Lentil & Tomato Soup
Check Lentil & Vermicelli Soup (shawrbat Adas)
Check Lentil & Vermicelli Soup (shawrbat Adas)
Check Lentil And Spinach Soup, Adas Bi Sabaanikh (v
Check Lentil And Tomato Soup
Check Lentil And Vermicelli Soup (shawrbat Adas)
Check Lentil Soup
Check Lentil Soup
Check Lentil Soup 2
Check Lentil Soup I
Check Lentil Soup Supreme
Check Lentil Soup With Cilantro
Check Lentil Soup With Franankfurters
Check Lentil Soup With Prunes And Pears(pressure Cooked)
Check Light Cream Of Veggie Soup
Check Light Vegetable Broth
Check Light Vegetable Broth (vegan)
Check Light Vegetable Broth(vegan)
Check Linda Mccartney's Avocado & Green Chili Soup
Check Linda Mccartney's Avocado And Green Chili Soup
Check Linda's Vegetable Soup
Check Linsensuppe Mit Frankfurter (lentil Soup With
Check Linsensuppe Mit Frankfurter (lentil Soup With Frankfurters)
Check Liquid Sunshine Soup
Check Lisas' Tomato Soup
Check Lobster And Corn Chowder
Check Lobster And Roasted Corn Chowder
Check Lobster Shrimp Chowder
Check Maine Fish Chowder
Check Makvlis Supi (blackberry Soup)
Check Makvlis Supi(blackberry Soup)
Check Mandarin Hot & Sour Soup
Check Mandarin Hot And Sour Soup
Check Mandarin Hot And Sour Soup 2
Check Mango Buttermilk Soup
Check Manhattan Chowder
Check Manhattan Clam Chowder
Check Manhattan Island Clam Chowder
Check Manhattan Style Clam Chowder
Check Mediterranean Kitchen Lentil Soup
Check Melon Soup
Check Menudo
Check Menudo (tripe Stew)
Check Menudo (tripe)
Check Menudo Estilo Norteno
Check Millet Cauliflower Soup
Check Millet Soup
Check Minted Split And Fresh Pea Soup
Check Miracle Soup
Check Miso Soup
Check Miso Soup With Shrimp
Check Misoshiru(clear Soup With Soybean Paste)
Check Mixed Split Pea Soup
Check Mock Creole Turtle Soup
Check Molded Borsch
Check Mom's New England Fish Chowder
Check Mom's Thick Split Pea Soup
Check Mormon Split Pea Soup
Check Moroccan Chick Pea Soup
Check Moroccan Spiced Lentil Soup
Check Moroccan Style Vegetable Soup
Check Mr. A's Turtle Soup
Check Mr. Food's Bistro Supper Soup 2/26/96
Check Mrs. King's Windemere Clam Chowder
Check Mulligatawny
Check Mulligatawny Chicken
Check Mulligatawny Soup (satterly)
Check Mulligatawny Soup (satterly)
Check Mushroom & Barley Miso Soup
Check Mushroom & Barley Soup (shulman)
Check Mushroom Barley Soup
Check Mushroom Barley Soup
Check Mushroom Barley Soup W/ Short Ribs
Check Mushroom Bisque
Check Mushroom Cashew Bisque
Check Mushroom Scallion Soup
Check Mushroom Short Rib Soup
Check Mushroom Soup
Check Mushroom Soup (prodigy)
Check Mushroom Soup Concentrate
Check Mushroom Veg Barley Soup
Check Mussel & Saffron Soup
Check Mussel And Bacon Soup (marguerite Patten)
Check Mussel And Corn Chowder
Check My Bouillabaisse
Check My Cabbage Soup
Check My Canadian Pea Soup
Check N.b. Potato Soup
Check Need A Few Recipes
Check New Brunswick Barley Soup
Check New England Clam Chowder
Check New England Clam Chowder
Check New England Clam Chowder
Check New England Clam Chowder From Fred Goslin
Check New England Clam Chowder No. 636
Check New England Clam Clowder
Check New England Creamy Clam Chowder
Check New England Fish Chowder (pressure Cooked)
Check New Jersey Clam Chowder
Check New Orleans Shrimp & Squash Bisque
Check New York Clam Chowder
Check New York Style Clam Chowder
Check Noodle Seafood Soup
Check Noodles For Soup
Check Noodles In Broth
Check Northwest Cioppino
Check Norwegian Blueberry Soup
Check Not Danny Glover's Gumbo
Check Nova Scotia Scallop Chowder
Check Nuri's Hot And Sour Soup
Check Nutty Carrot Soup (pressure Cooked)
Check Oatmeal Leek Soup
Check Ochsenschwanzsuppe (ox Tail Soup)
Check Ochsenschwanzsuppe(ox Tail Soup)
Check Ogwissimanabo (yellow Squash Soup)
Check Okra Soup
Check Old Fashioned Onion Soup
Check Old Fashioned Pea Soup
Check One Serving Boston Clam Chowder
Check Onion Broth
Check Onion Soup (emeril)
Check Onion Soup Provencale
Check Onions With Espresso Coffee
Check Orange Mango Soup
Check Oriental Garbanzo Soup
Check Oriental Pork And Spinach Soup
Check Original German Sweet Chocolate Cake
Check Ox Tail Soup
Check Ox Tail Soup
Check Ox Tail Soup
Check Oyster & Spinach Soup
Check Oyster And Artichoke Soup Gunther Preuss
Check Oyster And Plantation Soup
Check Oyster And Spinach Soup
Check Oyster Artichoke Bisque
Check Oyster Artichoke Soup
Check Oyster Bisque
Check Oyster Mushroom Chowder
Check Oyster Soup Of The Tribes From The N.e. Coast
Check Oyster Soup With Fresh & Smoked Oysters
Check Oyster Stew I
Check Ozark Mountains Stew
Check Pacific Clam And Corn Chowder
Check Palouse Lentil Soup
Check Papa Bear's Own Lentil Soup
Check Papa Joe's Cucumber And Red Onion Soup
Check Pappa Al Pomodoro (thick Tomato & Bread Soup)
Check Paris(texas, Of Course) Onion Soup
Check Parslied Chicken Chowder
Check Parsnip & Apple Soup (irish)
Check Parsnip Carrot Soup
Check Parsnip Chowder With Squash
Check Parsnip, Chicken And Orange Soup
Check Pea Soup With Pork
Check Peach/cantaloupe Soup With Blueberries
Check Peaches And Cream Soup
Check Peanut Butter Soup
Check Peanut Soup
Check Pease Porridge
Check Pecan Soup
Check Peggy's Corn Chowder
Check Pepper & Tomato Soup
Check Pepper And Tomato Soup
Check Perogy Cilantro Soup
Check Peter Wallace's Smoked Bluefish Chowder
Check Pho(beef Noodle Soup)
Check Pickle Soup
Check Pineapple Salsa Soup
Check Pink Fish Soup
Check Piroshki
Check Pisnyi Borsch (meatless Beet Soup)
Check Pisnyi Borsch(meatless Beet Soup)
Check Pix Rowe Miller's Family Fish Chowder (katherine Hall Pag)
Check Pizza Soup
Check Plains Tribes Dried Corn Soup
Check Plantain Soup
Check Plomeek Soup (vulcan Orange Vegetable Soup)
Check Poblano Soup With Broth
Check Pocket Soup (goldbeck)
Check Pocket Soup (goldbeck)
Check Polish Kapusta Soup
Check Polish Stew
Check Polska Kielbasa Potato Soup
Check Popeye's Sweet Pea Soup
Check Pork And Cabbage Soup
Check Portobella Mushroom Soup
Check Portuguese Green Soup
Check Portuguese Potato And Kale Soup
Check Potage Bonne Femme (vegetable Soup)
Check Potage Creme De Cresson (cream Of Watercress Soup)
Check Potage De Ble( Corn Soup)
Check Potage Mongol
Check Potage Parisienne, From "la Tour" Restaurant
Check Potage St. Germain
Check Potage St. Germain (cream Of Pea Soup
Check Potato And Leek Soup
Check Potato Barley Soup
Check Potato Barley Soup
Check Potato Broccoli Soup
Check Potato Cauliflower Soup
Check Potato Chard Soup
Check Potato Creme Soup
Check Potato Leek Soup
Check Potato Leek Spinach Soup
Check Potato Mushroom Soup With Apple
Check Potato Parsley Bisque
Check Potato Salmon Chowder
Check Potato Sorrel Soup
Check Potato Soup
Check Potato Soup (cream Style)
Check Potato Soup (prodigy)
Check Potato Soup Scented With Cumin
Check Potato Soup With Butter Dumplings
Check Potato Soup With Dumplings
Check Potato Soup With Kale & Bacon
Check Potato Soup With Kale And Bacon
Check Potato Soup With Lemons
Check Potato Soup With Roast Garlic
Check Potato Soup With Worst And Garden Herbs
Check Potato Soup, Peasant Style
Check Potato, Artichoke And Leek Soup
Check Potatoe Vegetable Chowder
Check Potee De Millet
Check Potee Esaue (potee Aux Lentilles)
Check Potee Esaue(potee Aux Lentilles)
Check Prince Edward Island Potato Soup
Check Prize Winning Ham And Lentil Soup
Check Pueblo Fire
Check Pumpkin & Broccoli Chowder
Check Pumpkin And Broccoli Chowder
Check Pumpkin And Chickpea Soup
Check Pumpkin Millet Soup
Check Pumpkin Soup
Check Pumpkin Soup With Chives
Check Pumpkin Soup With Honey And Cloves
Check Pumpkin Soup With Shrimp
Check Pumpkin Soup With Split Peas
Check Pumpkin Soup(karen)
Check Pumpkin Spice Soup
Check Pumpkin Squash Bisque (country Living Holidays)
Check Pure Cream Of Tomato Soup
Check Puree Of Asparagus Soup
Check Puree Of Broccoli Flowerets W/cream
Check Puree Of Sweet Potato Soup
Check Puree Of Tomato Soup
Check Puree Of Yellow Squash Soup
Check Pureed Carrot Soup
Check Pureed Zucchini Soup(pressure Cooked)
Check Quick Black Eyed Pea Soup
Check Quick Bouillabaisse
Check Quick Cabbage Soup
Check Quick Chicken Noodle Soup
Check Quick Corn Chowder
Check Quick Fish Chowder
Check Quick Gazpacho
Check Quick Sweet & Tangy Squash Soup
Check Quick Vegetable Stock
Check Rainy Season Chicken Soup
Check Ramp Soup
Check Raspberry Bisque
Check Raspberry Borscht
Check Raspberry Cranberry Soup
Check Rasputin's Codfish Soup
Check Ratatouille Soup
Check Red Bell Pepper Soup
Check Red Lentil Soup
Check Red Lentil Soup 1
Check Red Onion Soup
Check Red Pepper Bisque With Seafood
Check Redibase Basic Chicken Soup
Check Redibase Beef And Barley Soup
Check Redibase Cream Of Broccoli Soup
Check Redibase Vegetable Soup
Check Refreshing Strawberry Soup
Check Renjna's Dal
Check Revithia Soupa (chick Pea Soup)
Check Revithia Soupa(chick Pea Soup)
Check Rich And Creamy Mushroom Potato Chowder
Check Rich Chicken Broth
Check Roasted Acorn Squash Soup
Check Roasted Butternut Squash Soup(spruce)
Check Roasted Corn Soup
Check Roasted Eggplant Soup
Check Roasted Garlic Potato Soup
Check Roasted Tomato Soup
Check Roasted Vegetable Soup With Garlic (vegan)
Check Roasted Vegetable Soup With Garlic(vegan)
Check Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup
Check Root Vegetable Soup
Check Rose Hip Soup(hagebuttem Soup)
Check Rosey Cucumber Soup
Check Rosy Berry Soup
Check Route 19 Shrimp Chowder
Check Russian Beef Borscht
Check Russian Cabbage Soup
Check Ruth Cochran's Corn Chowder
Check Sabzi Shorva (cream Of Curried Vegetable And Split Pea Sou
Check Saffron Potato Onion Soup
Check Sajur Bening(vegetable Soup)
Check Salmon Chowder
Check Salmon Consomme With Bites
Check Salmon Corn Chowder
Check Salsa Chowder
Check San Francisco Cioppino
Check San Francisco Style Cioppino
Check San Francisco Vegetable Soup
Check San Luis Green Chile Soup
Check Santa Fe Pumpkin Soup:
Check Santa Fe Salmon Chowder
Check Satay Satay Hurricane Soup
Check Satsuma Jiru (miso-flavored Pork And Vegetable Stew)
Check Sauerkraut Bulgur Soup
Check Sauerkraut Soup
Check Savory Gaspacho
Check Savory Pumpkin Stew
Check Savoy Cabbage And Corn Chowder
Check Scallop Chowder
Check Scandinavian Supper Soup
Check Scaramouche Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Check Schumann's Seafood Gumbo
Check Scotch Broth
Check Scrumptious Strawberry Soup
Check Sea Soup
Check Seafood Bouillabaisse
Check Seafood Chowder
Check Seafood Mediterranee
Check Seafood Soup With Garlic And Ginger
Check Seafood Soup With Garlic And Ginger
Check Seattle Style Cioppino
Check Sengalese Soup
Check Settlement Lobster Bisque
Check Seven Happiness Soup
Check Shaker Chicken And Noodle Soup
Check She Crab Soup
Check Shellfish Gazpacho
Check Sherried Barley Soup
Check Shrimp And Okra Soup
Check Shrimp Soup
Check Shrimp Soup With Cabbage
Check Shrimp Soup With Caesera Sauce
Check Shurit Ads (lentil Soup With Garlic And Cumin)
Check Shurit Ads(lentil Soup With Garlic And Cumin
Check Silky Bean Curd Soup With Greens
Check Silky Bean Curd Soup With Greens
Check Simple Chinese Cabbage Chicken Soup
Check Simple Potato Soup (irish)
Check Simple Salmon Chowder
Check Singapore Soup Noodles
Check Sitka Sound Bouillabaisse
Check Slovak Christmas Soup
Check Smoked Tomato Soup
Check Smokey Tomato And Lentil Soup
Check Smoky Pumpkin Soup
Check Snapper Soup
Check Sopa De Ajo Al Horno(garlic Soup)
Check Sopa De Elote(corn Chowder)
Check Sopa De Grao
Check Sopa De Mani(peanut Soup)
Check Sopa Seca (dry Soup)
Check Sorrel Soup
Check Sorrel Soup (irish)
Check Soup Bowl Franks
Check Soup For The Gods Shen Hsien T'ang
Check Soup Provencale
Check Soup Satisfier
Check Soup Soup Soup
Check Soup: Cream Of Leek Soup With Mussels (bon Ap
Check Soupa Tsatziki (cold Yogurt Soup)
Check Soupa Tsatziki(cold Yogurt Soup)
Check Souper Celery Soup
Check Sour Cherry Soup
Check Sour Cherry Soup, Hungarian Style
Check Sour Cream Potato Soup
Check Sour Cream Soup
Check Sour Fish Head Soup (canh Chua Dau Ca)
Check Sour Shrimp Soup
Check Southern Oyster Soup
Check Southern Turnip Green Soup (florida Cooking)
Check Southwest Corn Chowder
Check Southwestern Corn And Potato Soup
Check Southwestern Creamy Chicken And Corn Soup
Check Spanish Chick Pea Soup
Check Spanish Garlic Soup#1(sopa De Ajo Caldosa)
Check Spenot Kremleves(cream Of Spinach Soup)
Check Spiced Carrot & Orange Soup
Check Spiced Carrot Soup
Check Spiced Lentil Soup
Check Spinach & Lentil Soup
Check Spinach & Lentil Soup
Check Spinach & Lentil Soup (santa Maria)
Check Spinach & Potato Soup
Check Spinach And Buttermilk Soup
Check Spinach And Potato Soup
Check Spinach Garlic Soup
Check Spinach Mushroom Soup
Check Spinach Soup
Check Spinach Soup With Basil And Dill
Check Spinach Yogurt Soup
Check Spinach, Corn And Quinoa Chicken Soup
Check Split Pea And Ham Soup
Check Split Pea And Lentil Soup With Vegetables
Check Split Pea Soup
Check Split Pea Soup (vegan)
Check Split Pea Soup -1
Check Split Pea Soup With Chunky Vegetables
Check Split Pea Soup With Croutons
Check Split Pea Soup With Sorrel
Check Split Pea Soup#2
Check Split Pea Soup(brown)
Check Split Pea Soup(usda)
Check Split Pea Soup(vegan)
Check Split Pea Soup-1
Check Split Pea Soup-2
Check Split Pea& Ham Soup
Check Split Pea& Sweet Potato Soup With Mint (pressure Cooked)
Check Spring Green Potato Soup
Check Squash Soup With Cranberry Dollop
Check Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish & Lentils
Check Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish& Lentils
Check Strawberry Cream Soup
Check Strawberry Ginger Soup
Check Stuffed Cucumber Soup
Check Sue's Sweet Butternut Squash Soup
Check Summer Asparagus Soup
Check Summer Soup
Check Summer Squash And Corn Chowder
Check Summer Squash Soup
Check Summer Strawberry Soup
Check Sunflower Seed Soup From Loren Martin
Check Susan Spicer's Garlic Soup
Check Sweet Corn Noodle Soup
Check Sweet Fruit Soup
Check Sweet Pea Soup With Lemon-pepper Cream
Check Sweet Potato And Pepper Soup
Check Sweet Potato Soup With Buttered Pecans
Check Sweet Potato Soup(pressure Cooked)
Check Swiss Cucumber Soup
Check Szechwan Chicken Soup
Check T-3 Miracle Soup
Check Thai Chicken & Coconut Soup Vmxv03a
Check Thai Chicken And Coconut Milk Soup
Check Thai Chicken And Coconut Milk Soup (tom Ka Gai Or Kai Tom
Check Thai Coconut Chicken Soup* Jcmj43f
Check Thai Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup (tom Yum Goong)
Check Thai Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup* Bwht68a
Check Thai Tomato Fish Soup
Check Thick 'n Chicken Soup
Check Tofu Noodle Soup
Check Tom Yam Goong (thai Hot & Sour Soup)
Check Tom Yum Goong (hot And Sour Soup)
Check Tomato And Orange Soup (marguerite Patten)
Check Tomato Butternut Soup
Check Tomato Fennel & Potato Stew
Check Tomato Soup With Basil (potage De Tomate A La Basilic)
Check Tomato, Fennel And Potato Stew
Check Tomato-leek Soup
Check Tomato-seafood Stew
Check Traditional Miso Soup
Check Tregaron Granny's Broth (cawl Mamgu Treagon) W
Check Tregaron Granny's Broth (cawl Mamgu Treagon) Welsh
Check Trinity Square Cafe Moroccan Tomato Soup
Check Turkey - Vegetable Soup
Check Turkey Chowder
Check Turkey Corn Chowder
Check Turkey Soup
Check Turkey Soup Continental
Check Turkey Stock
Check Turkey-stuffing Soup
Check Turkey-tomato Soup
Check Turkish Borscht
Check Turnip & Bacon Soup (irish)
Check Turnip And Bacon Soup (irish)
Check Turnip, Carrot, And Split Pea Soup
Check Turtle And Ham Soup
Check Two Potato Soup
Check Veal Stock
Check Veal-and-crayfish Stew
Check Vegetable & Herb Rice Oriental Soup
Check Vegetable Broth
Check Vegetable Broth,"pure & Simple" (vegan)
Check Vegetable Confetti Soup
Check Vegetable Eggplant Soup
Check Vegetable Me'lange
Check Vegetable Miso Soup
Check Vegetable Soup - Hasa
Check Vegetable Soup With Lentils (vegan)
Check Vegetable Stock
Check Vegetable-beef Soup
Check Velvet Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
Check Very Simple Mushroom Soup
Check Vichyssoise
Check Warm Beer Soup
Check Wedding Soup
Check West Indies Pepper Pot Soup
Check White Gazpacho With Almonds And Grapes
Check White Onion Soup (irish)
Check White Turnip Soup (potage Aux Navets Blancs)
Check Wild Mushroom Pumpkin Soup
Check Winter Squash And Apple Soup
Check Winter Squash, Apple And Walnut Soup
Check Winter Tomato Bisque
Check Winter Vegetable Stock
Check Wisconsin Cheese Soup
Check Won-ton Soup
Check Yellow Pepper Soup
Check Yin-yang Soup
Check Yogurt And Cucumber Soup With Mint And Dill
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