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Regional Cuisine

Recipes > Regional Cuisine

The Gourmet Kitchen has compiled a recipe library containing over 40,000 dishes. From Regional Cuisine to Holiday dinners, our recipe section makes it easy to see the ingredients needed and the steps required to produce almost any dish. We are always seeking feedback on existing recipes and ideas for new ones, so please send comments and suugesstions to us at Enjoy!

Check Abraysham Kabaub ( Silk Kebab)
Check Achara Zuke (turnips In Vinegar Dressing No. 36)
Check Adai
Check Adobong Pusit
Check Adolf Frey's Pike Quenelles
Check Adrak (ginger Stock)
Check Aegean Sea Chowder (psarosoupa Kakavia)
Check African Green Pepper And Spinach
Check African Vegetarian Stew
Check Aioli (garlic Olive Oil)
Check Ajar
Check Al And Tipper Gore's Chinese Chicken With Walnuts
Check Aloo Ko Achar (potato Salad)
Check Amigdalota (almond Macaroons)
Check Andouille Smoked Sausage In Red Gravy
Check Anna Jachimowicz's Standard Seasoning
Check Apple Filling For Strudel
Check B/m English Muffin Bread
Check Babaganoush (my Doctored Version)
Check Baklava (low Fat Low Cal Version)
Check Banana Condiment
Check Basbousa Bil Laban Zabadi (basbousa With Yogurt)
Check Basbousa Bil Loz (basbousa With Almonds)
Check Basque Style Steamed Clams (almejas Guisadas)
Check Beef Soup With Liver Balls
Check Beet Horseradish
Check Bengali Spinach
Check Benihana Salad Dressing
Check Bhindi Masala
Check Boerenkass Soup (dutch Cheese Soup)
Check Boiled Red Cabbage
Check Borscht From Kiev
Check Borsht Cabbage/beet Soup
Check Botvinia
Check Brigitte's Red Cabbage
Check Broccoli Sesame Salad
Check Bubbies Chicken Soup
Check Bundewa (romanian Pumpkin)
Check Cabbage (korean Ho Baechu)
Check Cardamom Kulfi Pops
Check Cauliflower Soup (norway)
Check Chana Dhal (or Dal)
Check Char Flavoured Eggplant & Green Peas
Check Cheesecake Passover
Check Chick Peas In Olive Tahini Sauce
Check Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo
Check Chicken A La Sabra
Check Chicken Gorky
Check Chicken Liver Marsala
Check Chilau
Check Chili Grits
Check China Moon Ten Spice Honey Dip
Check Chinese: Hot And Sour Soup With Tofu
Check Chinese: Sauce: Looo (basic Sauce)
Check Chinese: Sesame Chicken 2
Check Chinese: Szechwan Noodles With Green Onions
Check Cinco De Mayo Bread
Check Ciorba Teraneasca (rumanian Cabbage Soup With Bacon)
Check Cream Cheese Triangles (lekvar)
Check Cream Of Lemon Soup
Check Creamy Baked Cabbage
Check Creole Liver And Rice
Check Creole Omelet
Check Crusty Cuban
Check Crusty Persian Rice With Cinnamon And Pistachios
Check Cucumber And Sesame Seed Salad
Check Cucumber Vegetable Salad (korean Ol Namul)
Check Curried Cabbage
Check Curried Frogs' Legs
Check Curried Lentils With Spinach
Check Curried Potatoes And Peas (aloo Matar Rasedaar)
Check Curried Whole Chick Peas (chole)
Check Curry Stock
Check Czarnina Polish Duck Soup
Check Czechoslovakia Pastry Bars
Check Czechoslovakian Potato Dumplings
Check Danish Pastry Dansk Wienerbrod
Check Danish Puff
Check Deccan Meat Burtas
Check Dilled "chilled" Carrots (sonf Gazar Subji)
Check Duchess Potato Puff
Check Dutch Almond Bars
Check Dutch Cookies
Check Egg Drop Soup (don Tong)
Check Eggplant And Green Pepper Kugel
Check Eggplant Stuffing
Check English Trifle - Guy Attwood
Check Falafel (lebanese)
Check Fanky
Check Farmer Egg
Check Fesenjam (pomegranate Walnut Chicken)
Check Feta & Ricotta Cheese Fondue
Check Finska Pinnar (finnish Fingers)
Check Firnee (almond & Cardamom Cream Pudding)
Check Five Spice Chicken
Check Fool Proof Basic French Bread
Check Fraykee With Pine Nuts
Check French Canadian Pea Soup
Check French Sourdough Bread
Check French Stew
Check Fried Ice Cream
Check Fruchtknoedel (fruit Dumplings)
Check Fruited Pork Roast, Scandinavian Style
Check Fruited Rice W/ Mushrooms & Almonds
Check Garlic Wheat Bread
Check Georgian Potato Soup
Check German Black Bread
Check German Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
Check Ginger Curry
Check Ginger Tofu Dressing
Check Gingered Carrot And Spinach Supreme (shaahi Palak)
Check Gingered Rice
Check Glazed Cauliflower With Ginger
Check Golubtsi (ukrainian Cabbage Rolls With Millet)
Check Goreng Pisang (chinese Fried Bananas)
Check Gosh Feel (elephant Ear Pastries)
Check Grandma Vanicek's Czechoslovakian Potato Dumplings
Check Grasmere Gingerbread
Check Grecian Stuffed Tomatoes
Check Greek Christmas Bread
Check Greek Island Chicken
Check Groundnut Stew
Check Grzyby W Smietanie (mushrooms With Sour Cream)
Check Gujar Ka Pullao (carrot Rice)
Check Ham Skillet Gumbo
Check Hangover Soup
Check Haring Salade (marinated Herring Salad)
Check Harrod's Christmas Pudding
Check Herbed Rice With Julienne Potatoes
Check Hidatsa Stuffed Sugar Pumpkin
Check Hideg Cseresnyeleves (spiced Cherry Soup)
Check Hortosoupa 1
Check Hot Pepper Salsa
Check Hot Shoestring Potato Salad
Check Icelandic Snowflake Breads (laufabraud)
Check Indian Chicken Curry Coca-cola
Check Indian Salsa
Check Injera (flat Bread)
Check Iridofu
Check Irish Cream Frozen Yogurt
Check Irish Log
Check Irish Raisin Bread
Check Irish Soda Bread (with Variant For Spotted Dog)
Check Israeli Orange Chicken
Check Japanese Style Potato Salad
Check Jeff's Favorite Pizza Sauce
Check Jerk Seasoning
Check Joululimppa (finnish Holiday Rye Bread)
Check Kang Boa Chicken
Check Kartoffelknoedel (potato Dumplings)
Check Kartoffelsalat Mit Biermarinade (potato Salad/beer Dressi
Check Kartopliana Nachynka (potato Cheese Filling For Varenyky)
Check Keftethes Apo Ton Pontos (meat Patties From Ponti)
Check Kim Chee 2
Check Kim Chee I
Check Kirsov's Pudding
Check Kolache Cookies
Check Kolache Dough
Check Kolache Fillings
Check Kolaches
Check Kolachky
Check Kruchiy
Check Kuba Sherry B
Check Kung Pao
Check Kurkkusalaatti (cucumber Sour Cream Salad)
Check La Piperade
Check Labskaus
Check Lacama (spice)
Check Lady's Fingers (okra)
Check Lakhnawi Khatti Dal (lucknow Sour Lentils)
Check Leek Soup
Check Lentil Dahl
Check Lincolnshire Plum Bread
Check Liver Dumplings (majgomboc)
Check Lucknawi Dal
Check Luk Marinovannyi
Check Machine Pain De Mie
Check Makovyi Knysh (poppy Seed Roll)
Check Malinnik
Check Marinated Roast Peppers
Check Masala Dal
Check Masar Dal
Check Meat And Rice Stuffing
Check Meat Sauce For Vegetables (korean Chang)
Check Medianyky (honey Cookies)
Check Mediterranean Tomato Salad
Check Meersburger Kirschen Dessert (cherry Desert M
Check Melons Stuffed With Fruits And Vegetables
Check Michaelmas Broth Potes Gwyl Mihangel
Check Mild Curry Base
Check Modified General Tao's Chicken
Check Modified General Tso's Chicken
Check Moggy
Check Momo Wrapprs
Check Moroccan Charosets
Check Moroccan Couscous
Check Moussaka With Rice
Check Moustokouloura (wine Must Cookies)
Check Muffuletta Bread
Check Mung Dahl
Check Mustikkapiiras (blueberry Yogurt Pie)
Check My Bubbe's Blintzas
Check Nachynka Z Kapusty (cabbage Filling For Varenyky)
Check Nero Wolfe's Finnan Haddie (smoked Haddock)
Check Nigiri Sushi (finger Sushi)
Check Norwegian Fiskepudding
Check Nuernberger Rostbratwuerste
Check Oi Naani (uzbek Home Style Bread)
Check Okra With Tomatoes And Onions
Check Old Fashioned Filled Cookies
Check Old Fashioned Scones
Check Oriental Glazed Ribs
Check Oriental Turkey Salad
Check Oyster Fritters Cajun Style
Check Panettone
Check Papaya Chutney
Check Paprika Gravy
Check Paprika Pork
Check Paprikahuhner (paprika Chicken)
Check Pashka
Check Paska (with Almonds)
Check Passover Chremzlach (stuffed Fritters)
Check Passover Rhubarb Cobbler
Check Passover Stuffing With Chestnuts And Mushroom
Check Peanut Brittle Bavarian Ring
Check Peanut Sauce #1
Check Pear & Fig Strudel
Check Peele Aloo
Check Perogies
Check Pickled Herring
Check Pineapple Delights
Check Piquant Lemon Rice
Check Pistachio Kulfi Pops
Check Plain Kugel
Check Plunder Flechten
Check Plunder Hornchen
Check Pollo En Salsa De Mani
Check Poori (whole Wheat Indian Bread)
Check Poppy Seed Roshky
Check Pork And Shrimp (chow Gee Yok Har)
Check Pork Balls (gee Yok Beng)
Check Portuguese Biscuits
Check Potato: Grandma Vanicek's Czechoslovakian Potato Dumplings
Check Potetboller (norwegian Potato Balls)
Check Prassa Me Domata (leeks Stewed With Tomatoes)
Check Prawn Vindaloo (hot Prawns)
Check Prune Or Cheese Envelopes
Check Pugach (pie)
Check Puliszka Polenta With Feta Cheese
Check Pumpernickek
Check Pumpernickel
Check Pumpkin Pie
Check Randy Farkas Jerked Chicken
Check Rehruecken
Check Reino's Kalamoiika
Check Rice Pilaf With Peas
Check Roasted Chicken With Apricots
Check Roasted Potatoes
Check Russian Beet & Potato Salad
Check Ryzi Me Araka (rice And Peas)
Check Sadza (corn Porridge)
Check Safaid Channe
Check Saffron Kulfi Pops
Check Salat Iz Yaits
Check Salata Tahina (tahini Salad)
Check Salzburger Nockerln
Check Sambaar
Check Sambai Zu (rice Vinegar And Soy Dipping Sauce)
Check Scandinavian Fish Salad
Check Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte (black Forest Cher
Check Scottish Eggs
Check Scottish Hot Cross Buns
Check Scottish Rabbit Curry
Check Scottish Scones
Check Scottish Shortbread
Check Seitan (method 2)
Check Seitan (method I)
Check Seitan A La Normandie
Check Semolina Saffron And Pistachio Helva (irmik Helvasi)
Check Shahi Dal
Check Shredded Chicken Salad With Cilantro
Check Shrimp And Feta Alla Grecque
Check Skordalia (garlic Potato)
Check Smoky Roasted Salsa
Check Smorrebrod (denmark)
Check Snappy Stuffed Tomatillos
Check Snow Pea & Pear Salad
Check Sort Gryte (norwegian Black Pot)
Check Soupa Fakes
Check Soupa Revithia
Check Sous Proven'cal
Check Spanish Style Rice
Check Special K Cookies
Check Spiced Okra
Check Spiced Vegetable Pasties
Check Spiced Zucchini And Peas In Tomato Sauce (torai Masala)
Check Spinach & Feta Cheese Quiche
Check Spinach (korean Sigumchi Namul)
Check Spinach And Lentil Soup
Check Spinach/cheese Stromboli
Check Stewed Eggplant
Check Stewed Plums In Honey With Cinnamon Ice Cream
Check Stir Fried Chicken And Broccoli
Check Stolichnyi Salat Table Salad Or Russian Salad
Check Strudel Dough
Check Stuffed Bell Peppers (meat Dolma)
Check Suomalaisruisleipa (finnish Rye Bread)
Check Svyokla V Tomatnom Souse
Check Swedish Cardamom Braid
Check Sweet Saffron Rice (kesari Bhaat)
Check Tabbouleh (cracked Wheat Salad)
Check Tabouleh (burghul And Parsley Salad)
Check Tahini And Hazelnut Dip
Check Tandoori Chicken
Check Tart Kebab Sauce
Check Tea Loaf
Check Thai Soup For Marty
Check Three Way Shortbreads
Check Tkemali
Check Tofu Indonesian Style
Check Tofu Pepper Taco With Pineapple Salsa
Check Tom Yum Goong Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup
Check Tomato And Apple Soup Cawl Tomato
Check Tomatoey Tabouli
Check Topig (lenten Chick Pea Kofta)
Check Trifle 2
Check Turnip Water Kimchi (korean Dong Chimi)
Check Ukrainian Cold Fruit Soup
Check Ukrainian Steamed Cabbage Souffle
Check Veal With Sheeps Cheese (german)
Check Vegetable Jalfrezi
Check Venison Sauces
Check Veprove S Krenem (piquant Pork With Horseradish)
Check Vereshchaka Ukrainaian Pork Stew
Check Vichyssoise Creme Glacee'
Check Viennese Baked Apples
Check Viennese Choch. Torte Passover
Check Vietnamese Pork "spaghetti Sauce" Over Rice
Check Vinaigrette (russian Cooked Vegetable Salad)
Check Vindaloo
Check Warm Chvre And Apple Rings With Manitoba Hemp Seed Oil Vinaigrette
Check Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread
Check Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread (large Loaf)
Check Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
Check Widow's Kisses
Check Wild Mushroom Soup (minestra Di Funghi Selvatici)
Check Wolowe Oczy Jajka (bull's Eye Eggs)
Check Yellow Rice
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