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Recipes > Beverages

The Gourmet Kitchen has compiled a recipe library containing over 40,000 dishes. From Beverages to Holiday dinners, our recipe section makes it easy to see the ingredients needed and the steps required to produce almost any dish. We are always seeking feedback on existing recipes and ideas for new ones, so please send comments and suugesstions to us at Enjoy!

Check All Canadian Coffee
Check Almond Cooler
Check Almond Milk
Check Almond Milk (non-dairy!)
Check Almond Syrup
Check Almondnog
Check Amaretto Alexander
Check Amaretto Cafi (italian Coffee)
Check Amaretto Coffee
Check Angoor Ka Sherbet
Check Apple Citrus Refresher
Check Apple Shake
Check Apple Smoothie
Check Apple-apricot Smoothie
Check Applegate Island Hummer
Check Apricot Fizz
Check Apricot Wine
Check Atole - Atole De Zarzamora
Check Auntie Lin's Pluto Coffee
Check Austrian Chocolate Cup
Check Autumn Apple Punch
Check Avocado Aperitif
Check Bailey's Irish Cream #1
Check Bailey's Irish Cream #2
Check Bailey's Irish Cream #3
Check Bailey's Irish Cream #4
Check Baltimore Eggnog
Check Banana Ambrosia
Check Banana Beer (aka Jungle Juice)
Check Banana Milk
Check Banana Milkshake
Check Barefoot & Pregnant By San Diego Princess Hotel Barefoo
Check Barkshack Ginger Mead
Check Barley Water
Check Beefy Mary (na)
Check Beer And Sauerkraut Fudge Cake
Check Beet Kvas
Check Best Jell-o
Check Black Russian
Check Blackberry Shrub
Check Blender Breakfast
Check Blueberry Yogurt Shake
Check Boiled Custard Eggnog
Check Bomba Colada
Check Bonnie Prince Charles
Check Borden's & Gordon's
Check Bourbon Nut Cake
Check Brandy Alexanders
Check Brazilian Iced Chocolate
Check Brazilian Iced Chocolate - With Coke
Check Brazilian Iced Chocolate Coca-cola
Check Brown Island Velvet Hummer
Check Burnt Island Mocha Hummer
Check Buttered Rum Coffee
Check Cafe Au Lait
Check Cafe Au Lait Luzianne
Check Cafe Au Vin
Check Cafe Brulot
Check Cafe Con Cioccolato (italian Coffee With Chocolate)
Check Cafe Con Miel
Check Cafe De Olla (mexican Spiced Coffee)
Check Cafe Mexicano
Check Cafe Royale
Check Cajun Coffee
Check Cantaloupe Cooler
Check Cappuccino
Check Cappuccino Mix
Check Cappuccino Shake
Check Cardamom-spiced Coffee
Check Caribbean Fruit Shake
Check Caribbean Scones
Check Cashew Cream
Check Cedar Island Mint Hummer
Check Chai Kurdi (kurdish Tea)
Check Champagne Cocktail
Check Champagne Punch
Check Cheese Scones
Check Cherry Coke Salad
Check Chicken Imperial
Check Chicken: Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
Check Chilled Orange Cappuccino Cream W/ Grated Choc
Check Chocoberry Splash
Check Chocolate Almond Coffee
Check Chocolate Coffee
Check Chocolate Instant Breakfast
Check Chocolate Mint Coffee
Check Chocolate Mint Coffee Float
Check Chocolate Mint Oreo Drink
Check Chocolate Mint Refresher
Check Chocolate Sin
Check Chocolate-amaretto Cheesecake - Gbdp78b
Check Christmas Cranberry Punch
Check Christmas Lizzies
Check Christmas Punch
Check Cinnamon Honey Ale
Check Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
Check Citrus Tea Cooler
Check City Slicker (na)
Check Claret Cup
Check Coca-cola Carrot Cake
Check Cocoa Espresso Cooler
Check Cocoa Mocha
Check Coconut Snowball Cocoa
Check Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream
Check Coffee Mocha Punch
Check Coffee Soda
Check Coffee Yogurt Shake
Check Coffee, Espresso Or Cappuccino
Check Coffee, Expresso Or Cappuccino
Check Colonial Hot Buttered Rum
Check Columbian Fresh Banana Cake With Sea Foam Fro
Check Cooked Eggnog
Check Cran-orange Punch
Check Cranberry Concentrate
Check Cranberry Cordial
Check Cranberry Ginger Tea
Check Cranberry Lime Nonalcoholic Punch
Check Cranberry Party Punch
Check Cranberry Punch
Check Cranberry Shrub
Check Cranberry Tea
Check Cranberry-cherry Cooler
Check Creamsicle Frappe
Check Creamy Iced Coffee
Check Creamy Irish Coffee
Check Creole Coffee Ice Cream Punch
Check Crock-pot Cranberry
Check Crockpot Apple Brandy Brew
Check Crockpot Apple Cider
Check Crockpot Hot Cocoa For A Group
Check Crockpot Spiced Rum Cider
Check Crockpot Tropical Tea Warmer
Check Currant Syrup
Check Delightfully Pregnant By San Diego Hilton Beach & Tenni
Check Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars (taste Of Home)
Check Dishwater Punch
Check Dry Mead #2
Check Dudley Eppel's Hot Cider-cranberry Punch
Check Edensoy Shake
Check Eerie Witch's Brew
Check Egg Nog
Check Eggnoggin Plus
Check Einspanner (german Coffee With Whipped Cream)
Check Elderberry Wine- Vin De Fleurs Du Sareau
Check Elly May's Wedding Punch
Check Energizer
Check Espresso Romano
Check Fiesta Sangria
Check Fireside Coffee
Check Flaming Cappuccino
Check Fred Goslin's Sangria
Check Fresca Cake With Maraschino Frosting
Check Fresh Fruit Frappe
Check Fresh Fruit Frappe 2
Check Fresh Fruit Ice
Check Fresh Tomato Juice
Check Frosty Fruit Smoothie
Check Frosty Pina Coladas
Check Frozen Christmas Wreath
Check Fruit Juice Cooler - Gbdp78b
Check Fruit Juice Slush
Check Fruit Medley Punch
Check Fruit Punch
Check Fruit Scones
Check Fruit Shake (non-dairy!)
Check Fruit-yogurt Delight
Check Fruity Tofu Cooler
Check Garden Punch
Check Garnishes For Drinks
Check German Chocolate Delight
Check Ginger Ale Punch
Check Ginger Soft Drink
Check Golden Apricot Nog
Check Golden Cadillacs
Check Gopher Orange Ice
Check Grand Island Golden Hummer
Check Grapefruit Carrot Cocktail
Check Grapefruit Warmer
Check Grasshopper Cheese Cake
Check Halloween Punch
Check Hambelton Hall's Scottish Shortbread
Check Hawaiian Punch
Check Haymaker's Switchel
Check Helen's Lemonade Syrup
Check Herbal Ice Tea
Check High-protein Drink
Check Holiday Eggnog
Check Home - Made Ginger Beer
Check Homemade Ginger Ale
Check Homemade Irish Cream
Check Homemade Kahlua
Check Homemade Orange Julius
Check Homemade V8 Juice
Check Honey Apple Tea
Check Honey Lemonade
Check Honey-mint Lemonade
Check Horchata - Ground Rice Drink
Check Hot Baja Coffee
Check Hot Chocolate Float
Check Hot Chocolate Milk
Check Hot Chocolate Mix
Check Hot Cocoa Mix
Check Hot Cranberry Punch
Check Hot Mocha Milk
Check Hot Mulled Spice Mix
Check Hot Pineapple Punch
Check Hot Spiced Drink
Check Hot Wassail
Check Hot White Chocolate
Check Hungarian Goulash - With Coke
Check Ice Cream Sodas
Check Iced Cafe Au Lait
Check Iced Coffee
Check Iced Coffee Cream
Check Iced Jazzberry Java
Check Iced Lemongrass Tea
Check Indian Chicken Curry
Check Indian Style Lemonade
Check Indian Style Lemonade #2
Check Irish Coffee
Check Irish Coffee (crocker)
Check Irish Coffee 2
Check Irish Coffee From Fred Goslin
Check Irish Coffee From Lois Flack
Check Irish Coffee Ii
Check Irish Cream (9)
Check Irish Cream And Chocolate Cheesecake
Check Island Fruit Cooler (na)
Check Japanese Pickled Cauliflower
Check Joe's Eggnog
Check John's Eggnog
Check Juice Alpokat (indonesian Avocado Drink)
Check Juice Cubes
Check Kahlua Coffee
Check Kahlua Mousse
Check Kahlua Smoothie
Check Kalte Ente (cold Duck)
Check Kentucky Bourbon Cake
Check Kiwifruit Daiquiri
Check Kohl's Punch
Check Kona Coffee Torte
Check Lady Godiva
Check Lassi (yogurt Drink)
Check Lemon Barley Water
Check Lemon-strawberry Punch
Check Light Custard Eggnog
Check Little Johnny's Rocker By Johnny's Surf Club
Check Long Island Ice Tea
Check Long Island Iced Tea
Check Low-calorie Eggnog
Check Lowfat Eggnog
Check Mango Juice
Check Mango Lassi
Check Mango Splash (ew)
Check Mango-orange Drink
Check Mapley Milk Shake
Check Margarita Sunrise
Check Margaritas De Toronja (grapefruit Margaritas)
Check Masala Coffee (spiced Coffee)
Check Maxine's Cranberry Liqueur
Check Meetha Lhassi
Check Melon Fresco
Check Mexican Coffee
Check Mexican Limeade
Check Mexican Mocha
Check Mexican Sunrise Punch
Check Mexican-style Hot Chocolate
Check Midnight Craving By George's At The Cove
Check Mint Julep
Check Mint Julep (southern Style)
Check Mint Syrup
Check Mississippi Delta Eggnog
Check Mocha Coffee
Check Mocha Flavoured Coffee
Check Mocha Frost
Check Mock Champagne
Check Mock Orange Julius
Check Mock Peach Daiquiri
Check Mock Pink Lady
Check Mr Pibb Pralines
Check Mrs. Swindell's Famous Fruited Iced Tea
Check Mulled Cider
Check Mulsum
Check Nectar Of Nectarines
Check Nightcap Coffee Mix
Check No Bake Rum Cake
Check Non Alcohol Holiday Punch
Check Oatmeal Milk
Check Old Fashioned Fruit Punch
Check Old Fashioned Lemonade
Check Orange Brutus (orange Julius)
Check Orange Cinnamon Coffee
Check Orange Eggnog
Check Orange Judas (julius)
Check Orange Judas (julius) #1
Check Orange Judas (julius) #2
Check Orange Judas (julius) #3
Check Orange Juice Fizz:
Check Orange Julius
Check Orange Julius Type Drink
Check Orange Limeade
Check Orange Macaroon Drink
Check Orange Nog
Check Orange Rosemary Syrup
Check Orange Smoothee
Check Orangeade
Check Pacific Sunset
Check Papita Lassi (papaya Lassi)
Check Peach Fizz
Check Peach Ice Tea
Check Peach-ginger-grape Fizz
Check Peachy Dream Yogurt Shake
Check Peanut Butter Banana Milk Shake
Check Pears And Cream Cheese
Check Pepsi-cola Cake With Broiled Peanut Butter Fro
Check Pepsi-cola Cake With Broiled Peanut Butter Frostin
Check Phaalse Ka Sharbat (blackberry Downpour)
Check Pina Colada
Check Pina Colada Flip (non-alcoholic)
Check Pina Colada Punch
Check Pinapple Limeade
Check Pineapple Cooler
Check Pineapple Limeade
Check Pineapple Mint Tulip (na)
Check Pineapple Smoothie
Check Pineapple Squash
Check Pineapple-apricot Crush
Check Pineapple-apricot Empanaditas
Check Pink Dream
Check Pink Lavender Lemonade
Check Plantation Coffee Punch
Check Plum Brandy
Check Polar Bear
Check Pretty In Pink By Mousse Mcgillycuddy's
Check Punch #2
Check Punch (prodigy)
Check Raspberry Currant Syrup
Check Raspberry Rascal
Check Raspberry Vinegar 1
Check Raspberry Vinegar 3
Check Realemon Touchdown
Check Red Clover Tea
Check Rhubarb Punch
Check Rock Cakes
Check Roman Punch
Check Roquefort And Apple Omelet
Check Rose Wine (rosatum)
Check Rosemary's Root Beer Tonic
Check Round Island Hummer
Check Ruby Fruit Punch
Check Rum Truffle
Check Russian Tea
Check Sangria
Check Sangria Blanca (white Sangria)
Check Sangria Blanca Ii(white Sangria Ii)
Check Sangria Blanco
Check Sangria Blush
Check Sangria El Tampa
Check Sangria Punch
Check Sangria Serrano
Check Sangrita
Check Scottish Brown Ale
Check Scottish Ginger Cake
Check Scottish Oaten Bread
Check Sesame Demitasse
Check Sherbat (lemon Drink Cooler)
Check Shinina
Check Shirley Temple Cocktail
Check Shrimp And Lobster Bouillabaisse
Check Silver Clouds
Check Skinny Scones (hh)
Check Slush
Check Smooth Slim Rum Eggnog
Check Sour Beet Juice
Check Sour Cherry Syrup
Check Southern Sunshine
Check Southwest Smoothie
Check Soy Nog
Check Sparkling Champagne Punch
Check Sparkling Fall Harvest Punch
Check Sparkling Pineapple Punch
Check Sparkling Red Slush Punch
Check Spiced Percolator Punch
Check Spirited Coffee Punch
Check Steaming Hot Holiday Punch
Check Strawberry Apple Frost
Check Strawberry Balm Syrup
Check Strawberry Daiquiries
Check Strawberry Frosty
Check Strawberry Lemonade
Check Strawberry Lemonade Ala Scott
Check Strawberry Punch
Check Strawberry Punch 2
Check Strawberry Shake
Check Strawberry Yogurt Drink
Check Strawberry-banana Breakfast Treat
Check Strawberry-grapefruit Drink
Check Sunlight Sipper
Check Sunny Cooler
Check Sunny Milk
Check Sunset
Check Sweet Lassi
Check Swiss Mocha Mix
Check Tanglewood Alexander Hummer
Check Tea Punch
Check Thai Iced Coffee
Check Thai Tea
Check The "secret" Recipe For Orange Julius
Check The Bridal Sweet Punch
Check The Governor's Grog
Check The Macombers Citrus Hummer
Check The Original Irish Coffee
Check Three-fruit Punch
Check Tia Maria (paulette Valois)
Check Treacle Scones
Check Tumbleweed
Check Turkish Coffee
Check Tutti-frutti Punch
Check U-238
Check Undescended Twinkies
Check Vagabond Gingered Ale
Check Valentine Sodas
Check Vanilla Almond Coffee
Check Vegan "eggnog"
Check Vegetable Juice Cocktail
Check Vegetable-orange Juice Cocktail
Check Versoffene Jungfern (drunk Virgins)
Check Viennese Coffee
Check Viennese Flavoured Coffee
Check Viennese Spiced Coffee
Check Vietnamese Coffee
Check Wassail
Check Wassail * Cider
Check Watermelon Ice Drink
Check Watermelon Punch
Check Wednesday's Frosties (wendy's Frosties)
Check Weight Watchers Milkshake
Check Welsh Batch Scone
Check West Indies Coffee
Check White Grape Swizzle
Check White Sangria Punch (nonalcoholic)
Check Whole-wheat Banana Scones
Check Wine Of Spice And Surprise
Check Wine Of Spice And Surprise (conditum Paradoxum)
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