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Aladdin Scrapbook Tumbler at The Gourmet Kitchen

aladdin tumbler
I gave my mom an Aladdin Scrapbook Tumbler for her coffee one year for Mother's Day. To this day she carries it around. It still holds photos of my sons when they were a few years younger. I ask her why she won't swap out the photos or create a masterpiece of her own (which she can do using Aladdin's customizable inserts). She simply said, "I love seeing those boys everytime I tip up my cup."

The tumbler was such a hit with mom that I decided to buy one for myself. I've received so many compliments on it. I had never met my inner artist until I bought this cool tumbler. Not only do I swap out photos on occasion, but I also draw and paint templates for my tumbler - just to let the creative juices flow.

Some friends at the office asked where I got it and I told them. Some of them showed up a few days later with their own Aladdin Tumblers. Jill, the consummate scrapbooker, by far had the coolest design. Instead of using one of the customizable inserts from Aladdin's Web site, she created her own - of course. It had photos of her children (dogs included) interconnected by a string of seashells and other beach-y knickknacks. I swear she had bits of seashells in that thing.

Aladdin is a household name where I come from. When I was a kid I had Aladdin's Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox. My oldest son had Aladdin's Pac-Man lunchbox. Those old metal lunchboxes are considered vintage now, but Aladdin seems to be hanging in there, spinning out updated lunch totes and these addictive scrapbooking tumblers, which are also double insulated to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. There's a nifty handle on them, too, in addition to a snap-seal lid to avoid spills. You've got to love the modern conveniences of the 21st century.

I will let you in on a little secret. Dads like these tumblers too. My husband loves his. It's got pictures of the kids, of course, but every once in a while one of the boys will swap out the insert and create one with a special message just for Dad. Sometimes the messages are sweet, other times a little embarrassing, I'm sure. But he still takes it to work with him everyday.

The Aladdin Tumbler is a great gift idea for teachers, too. Who needs an apple when you can have a personalized photo of you and your classroom right on your beverage cup? I think my boys' teachers look forward to getting them every year; something I'd like to think I started!

Charles Dudley Warner once said, "A great artist can paint a great picture on a small canvas."

I'm not claiming to be a great artist or anything, but I certainly enjoy creating art for my small Aladdin canvas!

-Jennifer St. James, Denver

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